Kuaa (wells)
The Kuaa (wells), in the town are also worth to see, the structure of well are indo-Persian, construction by lime stone (plaster), with a raised platform. Two or Four minars mark the mouth of the well. They have surmounting cornice, dome and invested lotus pinnacle. The shaft is rounded while the mouth is square. The beautiful frescos adding more interest. Some famous kaun are-Bheramal kuaa, lal kuaa, Gufawala (G B Ruia) kuaa, Ramgopal Podar kuaa, Ganga temple kuaa, Kanoria well, Ganeriwalo ka kuaa, Natwar gi mandir kuaa, Mahatma kalu ram ji mandir kuaa, Jaliram podar kuaa, Keshar dev podar kuaa etc. As name suggests these are built by a particular seth (businessman) for the people of the town. Seth G B Ruia built Gufawala kuaa, this has beautiful painting and good garden, the seth gave free water connections to peoples.

The Shekhawati 'Kuaa' is hardly ever just a simple structure. The well head is marked by two or four tall pillars which are usually painted. The well shafts are surrounded by a raised platform while the well assembly is usually on the raised platform.
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