Ramgarh Origin

The story of Ramgarh's origin is rather interesting. There are two stories about the origin of town.

Ramgarh - The First Story
It so happened that in Churu, which was a part of the Bikaner state, a particular Poddar clan rose to great prominence as the main merchant family trading in woollen products. Nothing was wrong with that; trade was the main occupation of the marwaris of Shekhawati. But things became really bad when the state funds dried up and the thakur (chieftain) of Churu imposed a new levy on the wool trade. This obviously angered the Poddars. They thought this was unfair and opposed the hike. But the thakur was adamant too. So the Poddars lifted their bag and baggage and off they went to settle themselves in a new place, with the help of the King of Sikar, the Poddars founded Ramgarh in 1791. The displaced Poddars then vowed to make Ramgarh so beautiful so as to outdo Churu.

Ramgarh - The Second Story
Ramgarh Shekhawati formerly known as “Nasa ki Dhandi”,the typical village, and only 10-15 hats were there. The king of Sikar’s wife was the Daughter of Churu’s king, and this is the route for sikar to churu, so they travel by this route. Once the king of Sikar Rao Raja Shri Devisingh ji requested the famous Poddar of Churu to settle this place, than the family of Seth shree Bhagvatiprasad Poddar agreed to settle here, and 21 accounts (bahi) of him came to Nasa ki Dhani, from the name of Rao Raja shri Ramsingh ji this place named as Ramgarh.

Whatever the story is true but the consequence is-
The seths of churu founded Ramgarh on Vikram samvat 1848, Vijyadashmi, as 1791.they covered 60 bigha land and made Ramgarh, where 4 gates, 8 windows, covered from strong and thick wall, straight streets, broad market just like the Jaipur.

A merchant Seth shri Magniram ji jalan and his family from neighbour town Fathepur,deled in cotton (rui),settled here,as they deled in rui, they called Ruia. The Ruia is a cast that only belongs from Ramgarh Shekhawati.The famous Essar Group (Mr. Shashi and Ravi Ruia) and Ruia Group (Mr.Pawan Ruia) Belongs from Ramgarh Shekhawati.

Where poddars built many havelies and chattris(cenotaph) here which today itself has a point of attraction to every visitors, Ruia built many havelies,temples , schools and college. So it’s saying that poddars are the father and Ruias are Fortune makers of the town.

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