Haveli 2
Haveli 2

Address : Bhumia Jath ki Gali, Ward No. 7, Ramgarh Shekhawati
Information : It is a two storied building with wall paintings. Arches, arcade pattern, reliefs on the wall and a beautifully carved wooden door are also noticed.
Period : 20 th Precise date of Construction
Number of Blocks : 01
Number of Storys : 02
Orientation : The Haveli is oriented East - West & faces to the East
Plan :

Double ‘L’ pattern

Exteriors : Low reliefs on the wall, arcade, decorated brackets and parapets, jali patterns, paintings on the wall are noticed. Beautifully carved wooden door is an addition to the attraction.
Construction Technology    
Structural System  : Element of Indo-Islamic architecture is evident.
Building Techniques : Corbelling
Material of Construction : Brick, Cement mortar, wood & paints etc.
Condition Assessment : Fair
Threats to the Property : Natural, Negligence, Vandalism, Urban, Pressures
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