Kanoria Ka kuaa
Kanoria Ka kuaa

Address : Out of Bisau Gate
Information : It is a well with a raised platform. There are 2 minars on the platform. They have surmounting cornices and domes. The well shaft is circular/round.
Present : Dried up
Past : Source of drinking water
Period : 19th Precise date of Construction Century A.D.
Number of Blocks : 01
Number of Storys : 01
Orientation : The well is oriented East-West and faces the West
Plan :  
Exteriors : Minars with cornice and dome.
Construction Technology    
Structural System  : Indo - Persian
Building Techniques : Arcuate
Material of Construction : Brick, plaster
Conditional Assessment : Fair
Threats to the Property  : Natural, Negligence, Vandalism, Urban, Pressures
Courtesy : IGNCA
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