Ganga Temple
Ganga Temple

Temple Attractions Ramgarh has some nice temples too. The Ganga Temple is the finest one here, built by Seth Ramchandra ji Poddars. In 1845, it cost as much as 32,000 rupees! But that's not surprising, as the Poddars' main purpose was to make Ramgarh flashier than Churu. But sadly, antique dealers have ruined the place; they've mercilessly torn beautiful pieces off the walls in many places. The Ganga Temple has suffered too; the adjoining Dharamshala (Rest house) has all its woodwork torn off. Anyway, there are some good murals on the outer walls of the temple. The complex is interesting, with lots of arches that you could weave your way through, the significance of this temple was the devotee can see the goddess idol from the 200-250 feet’s, and also see the idol by riding on horse or elephant as well as standing on the road.

Address : Near Churu gate, Ward No.9, Ramgarh Shekhawati
Information : It is a beautiful building with arches, jail patterns, arcade, chhattri and parts of wall paintings.
Age : 19th Precise date of Construction Century A.D.
Number of Blocks : 02
Number of Storys : 02
Orientation :

The temple is oriented East-West and faces the West

Plan   Rectangular with an open courtyard.
Exteriors : Arches, arcades resting on decorated pillars, Bengal type chattris, remains of wall paintings are noticed. Relief works on the wall is also noticed.
Construction Technology    
Structural System  : Brick masonry, Indo-Islamic and regional architectural elements are noticed.
Building Techniques : Corbelling
Material of Construction : Brick, lime, mortar, wood, paints etc.
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