Seth Ramgopal Poddar Chhatri
Seth Ramgopal Poddar Chhatri

The most beautiful structure in Ramgarh is perhaps the opulent is the chhatri(cenotaph).Seth Ram Gopal Poddar Chhatri as its name suggests, it was built by the Poddars. It came up in 1872 and has some great murals, especially in the dome. The scenes fall into three broad groups – the Ramayana, the life of Krishna and Ragamala paintings (illustrating the musical notes). Chhatris, usually consisting of a cluster of pavilions, are a common sight in princely Rajasthan where they were built to commemorate a dead hero. But the Poddar chhatri is so elaborate that it could very well pass for a palace! And would you believe it, there are a whopping 500 murals all over it! The Ramayana Chhatri is more modest, but richer in paintings. It has a beautiful collection of murals in maroon and blue showing scenes from the epic Ramayana.

Address : Near Govt. Hospital
Information : It is an chhatri on top of the old Masonic structure. It has an inverted lotus type of pinnacle. It can be approached by mean of lofty staircase.
Age : 19th Precise date of Construction Century A.D.
Statement of Significance  : Architectural Inverted lotus type of pinnacle.
Number of Blocks : 01
Number of Storys : 01
Orientation : The chhatri is oriented East – West and faces the East.
Exteriors : The chhatri has an inverted lotus type of pinnacle.
Construction Technology    
Structural System  : Indo-Persian
Building Techniques : Arcuate
Material of Construction : Brick & stone.
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