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Welcome here,

First of all I would like to express my gratitude towards - god, my parents and friends for encouragement. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to IGNCA, Vijendra Tanliya,Vinay Sharma and Yogesh Dhadich for providing necessary information.

As we all aware through history, that Ramgarh Shekhawati was the richest town of India in the 19th century and was the centre of learning, also famous as second Varanasi(Dusri Kaashi) because a large number of Sanskrit Schools were there. The Seths(Businessman)) of the town were liberal donor and known for their generosity in all over India,that’s why the town Ramgarh more famous and also known as Ramgarh Sethoka or Ramgarh Sethan.

The opulent havelies, ancient cenotaph(chatri) with a large number of mural painting,many temples,beautiful market, presents a excellent example of ancient art and architecture of India and also present dignified history of Ramgarh.

But the Current situation of town is totally opposite to the history, these ancient art and architecture dyeing due to ignorance, fail to maintain, lack of awareness,natural claim, and urban pressure-and we are doing nothing, because lack of awareness towards our heritage sites.

Can we do something for our town?
Of course we can, First we have to come on a platform and create awareness towards these heritage sites. Many times I listen that seths(businessman) left and now nothing is there in Ramgarh, although this satire gives pain,but also give me an energy,a power or strength to do something for our town.

Many times I thought ,what I can do for our town?
Alone I can’t do anything,but if we all come together,we can change the circumstance,but how we all can come together ?

We need a single platform, then I decided to make a website for our town, where all resident,non-resident/immigrant and daughters of Ramgarh can join and see full information about our town, which surely create an awareness in us.

My motive through this website is, first we understand Ramgrh,what is the past and present of town and how we can change the future of Ramgarh.Through this website we will try to create an awareness for Ramgarh,and hope we will come ahead and helps to rebuild lost reputation/glory of the town.

Although I have tried my best to give best information here, but as human being mistakes can be possible.You all are requested to inform me about any mistakes if you find in this website,I will correct them as soon as possible,and your suggestions will always welcomed.

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