Why to Visit Ramgarh
Imagine a place so steeped in art and culture that it’s known as the world’s largest open air art gallery! That’s Shekhawati, A walk through the towns and villages of Shekhawati is no less an experience than a walk through the famed portals of any great museums anywhere in the world.

An English traveller of the 1830s has beautifully written that Ramgarh is singularly striking and seems to give reality to a vision drawn from eastern romance. The buildings are all constructed from kunkur [gravel] grey hardpan, numerous handsome houses of the seths [businessmen] some of which are on a magnificent scale, ornamented and painted in various devices outwardly, the neat high wall and gateways and the cupolard chatries [cenotaphs] in the suburb in contrast with the desert around, altogether exhibit a scene deserving to be allied with enchantment.

If you are an art lover, If you are interested in admiring the ancient art and architect of India and getting an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the country then head towards the town Ramgarh Shekhawati. There are number of marvellous havelies, cenotaph(chatri), temples in the town which leaves every visitor dumbfounded. These all constructed between the 18th century to the 20th century by the wealthy Seth (businessmen) and noted for their frescos and murals depicting mythological themes from the epics as well as images of huge animals. Though with the coming of the British western influences began to make their appearance and foreigners in hats, suits and gowns, cars, steam, locomotives and train , airplanes, and, telephones etc found their place on the walls along with scenes from Lord Krishna's life.

As Ramgarh was the richest town till 19th century, the dignified history of Ramgarh can be seen through ancient art and architect like Special exit gates, Havelies, Chatri (Cenotaph), Temples, Dharamshala (rest room) beautiful Market, Kuaa (well) Bawri, Wall painting, etc. which add tourist appeal of the town.

Ramgarh is also one of the best places in Shekhawati to buy antiques, especially ornate Rajasthani traditional woodwork and hand crafted furniture.

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